Metal Re – Roofing & Wall Panel Repairs

Fleming West, LLC is here to help you with your metal roofing and metal wall needs. Whether you need a new roof or roof repairs – we have the experience and skills to help you. You need look no further even if in need of metal wall repairs. With Butler Manufacturing roof and wall panel systems, we can find a solution for you.

Is it Time for a New Roof?

In most cases, you can install a Butler re-roof system directly over your current existing built-up, single-ply, or metal roof. This saves you the cost of tearing off your current roof and avoids any interruption to your business activities during the process. Details about the Butler reroof and retrofit roof system are here.

MR-24 Roof System

Whether you’re tired of dealing with costly roof repairs or you simply want to avoid them from the outset, you’ll find the ideal solution in the MR-24 Roof System by Butler – the industry’s most specified standing-seam metal roof system.

More than 2 billion square feet of the MR-24 Roof System have been install since 1969, and life-cycles of 40 years have been achieved.

Needing metal wall paneling repairs?

Look no further than the selection from Butler Manufacturing. Fleming West’s long standing Career Builder relationship with Butler offers experience, knowledge, and selection. More on the wall systems can be found at this link.